What we do

The Four Fence Posts of ‘Are you bogged mate?’ – this is what we’re here for
  1. Engaging directly with rural men – letting country blokes know that they matter by speaking their language and meeting them in their comfort zone.
  2. Changing the landscape – breaking down the stigma around mental health and bringing this crucial topic into the spotlight. We do this through spreading awareness, as well as straight-talking speaking engagements and education events that challenge, enlighten and empower.
  3. Bridging the gap – connecting rural men to the resources available, supporting and directing them to the right places while bringing the conversation to rural communities.
  4. Being a voice for rural men – speaking up for those who often won’t, we want to light the path to understanding and be a strong advocate for all.


Get out of the bog hole!

I'm Bogged My Mate's Bogged

Provide Support to Rural Blokes Events and workshops to raise awareness  Sponsorship