21Jul 2020

I Will Catch You If You Fall

I wrote this poem for a very special mate who is feeling pretty bogged at the moment.
I need him to know, that no matter what, I have always got his back.
I wasn't going to share this because it is deeply personal and I wrote it just for him.
But I decided that...
a) if I yelled it from the roof tops he just might get it and
b) maybe it might help someone else.
Maybe you know someone who also needs to hear this right now.


I Will Catch You If You Fall

The road of life can take some turns, up hills down lowest dale,
Sometimes our feet are made of lead, our will it starts to fail.
And when the night-time closes in, your heart it feels alone,
Know that I am at your back, wherever you may roam.

Soft leaves and down I’ll gather, to place them where you fall,
The thickets I will clear for you, from foe I’ll build a wall.
Down endless tracks you wander, searching for your will and might.
If all you see is darkness, I will always be your light.

On the battleground of life we march, I am steadfast by your side,
I will catch you if you fall, or just falter in your stride.
And if you have to take a knee, to catch your mighty breath,
My shield, my sword will higher rise, and defend you to my death.

So if you need to stop awhile, to set bearings on this ground,
I will call on other soldiers, stout troops I’ll rally ‘round.
Though my sword will be the highest, and my voice command the pack,
My soul to you it whispers, ‘I have always got your back’.

When the clatter and the fury swirls, that endless buzzing din,
Place your head upon my breast, and just hear the beat within.
Rest easy on your knee my friend, your burden I will hold,
I know you’d do the same for me, a pledge that goes untold.

Fear not the wolves of warfare, my allegiance it is sworn,
Clouds from the moon I’ll clear away, and hold you 'til the dawn.
And in the darkness if you trip, my form will break your fall,
With all my being and my soul, on hand and knee I’d crawl.

When the daylight comes again, I will wake you from your rest,
I will help you don your armour, and build you to your best.
Place your hand upon my shoulder, then rise to standing tall,
Exchange a grin, a knowing glance, I will catch you if you fall.

©Mary O'Brien 

July 2020